Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Add a Search Widget to your blog

I've been doing some modifications to my blog lately and as I installed the new template I've seen that it does not have any search widget. Now this can be a problem to some readers who would like to search my articles on the blog.

So to those who want to use a search widget on their blog can follow this simple tutorial. After this tutorial you'll be able to put something like

on your blog.

Log into your blogger account and go the Layout section.
Now click Add a Page Element after that select the HTML/Javascript

Now paste the following code in the widget.

Now save this and place it according to your desire.

Optional changes :

If you want to increase the size of the search box, just change the size="25" to the size you require and also if you want a "Go" instead of "Search" you can change the value="Search" to value="Go" or something else of your choice.

If you are familiar with your blog design then you can even put this code in your blog template above the header or the place you feel comfortable with.

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