Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yahoo Multi Messenger

Yahoo has an inbuilt support to run more than one instance of yahoo at the same time, but as we can see this is hidden and needs to be Awaken..!

I'll tell you a registry tweak so that you can also run multiple yahoo's at the same time, so now what you have to do is follow these steps carefully since you are going to deal with the registry

Now Firstly open registry by going to "run" from the start menu and type "regedit" and press enter.

  • So now we are in the registry, now navigate to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\yahoo\pager\Test
  • Now in the right side pane you have to create a new DWORD called Plural and set its value to 1
  • Hmm that's it!!!
  • Now just come out of the registry and open yahoo messenger, and when its open, open another, you can see that there are 2 yahoo messenger's you can run..!!
I still didn't see the maximum yahoo that can be run, so if any of you tried this just let me know.. hehehe..

And this works for all versions of yahoo!

Have fun..!

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