Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yahoo Buzz

You must be wondering what this post is about, well this is for those people who like to irritate their friends and others with BUZZ!!!

We know that when we BUZZ, we have to wait for a minute just to BUZZ again. Now i just found one trick where you can BUZZ almost one after the other depending on the speed of your fingers (you'll know what i mean )...

So now if you have Yahoo 9 installed ( b'coz i did this on Yahoo 9 ) while chatting just type including the "<>" and "ding" should be in capital, now copy this i.e., and paste it in the messaging window using ctrl+v (paste) and press enter, you can see that you can buzz on and on without any time delay, so as i said it depends on how fast you use your fingers ( for ctrl+v). Keep Pasting and Keep BUZZing.

Hmm now for those who have Yahoo 8 and tried this please let me know if this works on it too...
So that even people with Y 8 can have some fun..!!!

Happy BUZZ!!!'ing

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