Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Firefox Shortcuts

Well these are some of the Firefox's shortcuts..hope you'll like them

  • Alt+Left arrow : Sends you back to the previous page you were viewing.
  • Alt-Right Arrow: Of course, takes you forward one page.
  • Ctrl+F : Brings up the "Find" tool.
  • Ctrl+T : Opens a new tab.
  • Ctrl+W : Closes a tab.
  • If you people still type the complete address, here's a cool tip for you, Type the domain name for eg "yahoo" now press Ctrl+Enter, this inserts the "www" and ".com" automatically i.e.,Type yahoo and then Ctrl+enter which gives you the result as
  • Similarly pressing Ctrl+shift+enter will fill it as
  • And shift+enter will fill it as
  • Alt+d : takes your pointer to the address box.
  • Ctrl+e : Puts the pointer in the search section.
  • Ctrl+tab : Moves between the tabs.
  • Ctrl+pageup, Ctrl+pagedown : Moves between tabs.
  • F11 : Toggles Fullscreen mode.
  • Alt+home : Takes you to your homepage.
  • Alt+F4 : (My favorite) Closes the window.
So if you people know anything else just put it in the comment section.

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