Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crush List in Orkut

Well how often do we wonder who added us in their crush list..

so if you wanna know just follow this small tutorial,

- Firstly lemme tell
you how crush actually works... If some one adds you to their crush list you wont be notified, only if you add that person to your crush list then orkut sends a notification to both of you
well this is clear that one sided crushes aren't notified !!!!

- So now lets get back to our tutorial....So firstly make sure that the notification for crushes is checked, in order to do that, go to settings in your orkut account and then select the "notifications" option.

- Now in the crush notifications tick the "email" or "message" box or both, and save your settings.

- So having done that, go to the id of your friend whom
you suspect has added you to his/her crush list, and just add that person to your crush list.

- Now if that person has added
you in their crush list you both will be notified!

- And when you've found out who has added u to their crush list
you can simple remove them from your crush list or express your love to them he he...
Simple isn't it... so go on and search your true"crush" !!!!!

You just might get lucky......

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