Monday, May 18, 2009

Why Love...Why!!!

Hi people, I had an accident yesterday so I wont be blogging from now, It might takes weeks or a whole month..Please pray for me that I'll get well before my exam..

If you Love Someone, Let them go..If they don't come back to you, they were not meant to be yours...If they do come back, they were yours all along..

Why do we love someone?
Why does that someone become our life, our happiness, our trust and truth?
Why does everything seem so beautiful when they are with us?
Why do we feel we can risk everything just for them?
Why does life seem so awesome?

And then
Why do they break our hearts?
When they break our hearts, why do we still love them with those little pieces?
Why do they feel that loving us was their biggest mistake?
Why cant they realize the things we went through for them?
Why does something/someone else become so important than us?
Why does our love seem so cheap for them?
Why does every moment of happiness and joy bring a tear?
Why do those moments seem a dream?
Why does every second seem to be eternity?
Why does love change the course of our lives?
Why do we still hope and wait that things will be all right?
Why do dreams seem more beautiful than reality?
Why do we want to sleep forever?


Why Love...Why??

Love me without fear
Trust me without questioning
Need me without demanding
Want me without restrictions
Desire me without inhibitions
for a love so free....
Will never fly away.

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