Saturday, April 18, 2009

Uploading a New Blogger Template- A Complete Tutorial

Well guys i have seen many people around still confused on how you can actually upload a blogger template, so this is for all the newbies of blogger.

Installing a blogger template is really a piece of cake, you can either insert the traditional templates offered by Blogger(which are really very boring) or download some super cool templates from different websites which offer templates free of cost!

So lets begin our
"Quest to install the Blogger Template"

Well Firstly you must know if the template you are using is a classic template or an upgraded template. It is recommended if you have an upgraded template installed, so in order to see which kind of template is installed just login to your blogger account.

Now just observe the dashboard, if you see Layout then you have an upgraded template installed, else if you see Template a classic template is installed. So if you see Layout as an option skip this step.

Classic Template

Upgraded Template

Steps to upgrade the template:-

Now in order to convert to an upgraded template click the Template option.
In the top you can see Customize Design, Click UPGRADE YOUR TEMPLATE. Now select any template from the below list.

Now this is the start of the actual Tutorial:-

So now that you have an upgraded template installed, you have to change your boring template to something more "beautiful and cool". So in order to do that first you have to download a "beautiful and cool" template.

You can find some good templates if you do a google search but let me make it easy for you by suggesting some websites where you can find good templates for your blog.

1)eBlog Templates
2)Blogger Godown
3)Blogger Templates

After you find a suitable template and downloaded it, come back to Layout Section of your Blog. Now click the Edit HTML on the top. Now before you install the new template its always wise to back-up your old template in case something goes wrong(Those annoying BX errors)

Before you install the template just read this tutorial on how you can back-up your widgets. This way you'll have all the widgets safe and you can install them back when you upload your new template. Read how you can Back Up Your Widgets.

Now click the Browse Button and select the template you want to install. After selecting click UPLOAD. You'll be warned that the widgets are going to be deleted, but since we have made a back-up of our widgets click Confirm and Save.

So its done, you now have a new and cool blogger template of your own. So in case you have any more doubts just leave a comment here. I'll be here to help.

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