Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some Couples Married and Some Tortured

Things went on well for a couple in India on Valentines day when they were spotted together by the Bajrang Dal who were moving around in the city to marry young couples.

When they were spotted on the road together, Bajrang Dal activists confronted them and asked them why they did not stay off the roads. The activists were stumped when the lovers said that they did it deliberately to be caught and married off with full security.

“It is not that they did not have money; they just did not have parental support,” said Mr Bharat Vamsi, media in-charge of Bajrang Dal in Bhagyanagar.

To make good their ‘threat’ the activists conducted the marriage of the lovers according to Hindu rituals at the Bajrang Dal party office in Koti. To make it foolproof, they also got it registered.

Though Bajrang Dal leaders also telephoned the parents, they asked the newly married couple not to come back to their respective houses again. Both are residents of Mallappalli.

But it was a joyful occasion for the lovers. “We had wanted to get married for some time but were unable to,” said Vijayanandam. BD activists have decided to find a house for the couple near their offices.


In other cases things took a cruel turn when couples were chased and beaten up, Valentines card being burnt. Two siblings on a motor cycle were caught and harassed by the activists, they refused to listen that they were brother and sister.

Seeing all these things going on in India, truly one starts to think if really India is Democratic Country after all..

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