Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Format Your USB using NTFS

As you know, by default in Windows you can only format your USB through FAT32. But with a little tweak we can even format our USB using NTFS.
So What is the need of formatting using NTFS?

The first and the foremost thing about NTFS is performance, compared to FAT and FAT32 NTFS offers you a good performance, you can also encrypt your data which is not possible using FAT/FAT32. You can also expand the memory using Compression.

Now that was a small information on NTFS now lets start what we were meant to do now :

Firstly make sure your in the administrator account on your PC.
Now go to Device Manager. For this right click My Computer and select Properties(or just click the Win+Pause/Break), then click the Hardware tab on the top and then click Device Manager.

Make sure you have plugged in your pendrive. Expand the Disk Drives and right click on your USB drive and select Properties.

In that select Policies tab on the top and select the Optimize for performance button and then select OK.

You're done!

Now to format using NTFS just right click your USB drive and select Format, in the File System drop down select NTFS and format.

Hope that helped!

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