Wednesday, December 24, 2008

NTLDR missing

NTLDR is Missing
Press any key to restart
Boot: Couldn't find NTLDR
Please insert another disk
NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart

Solution For this problem is given below
Just follow these steps correctly and you can solve this problem 

Things you need to have : 
1. Windows Installation Disk
2. Patience.!

So lets gets started,
  • First insert the Windows bootable disk into the drive and boot from the cd ( the option to boot will be different for different computers )
  • Now as you entered the windows setup, press R to repair windows
  • Log in by pressing the "1" key and then press enter
  • Enter the administrator password ( by default it might be blank i.e., empty or "admin" or "administrator" without the quotes)
  • Copy the below two files to the root directory i.e., the directory where your windows is installed
         copy E:\i386\ntldr c:\
         copy E:\i386\ c:\
Assuming that the CD ROM drive letter is E:\ and C:\ is the root directory.
Once these files are copied remove the cd and reboot your computer
Now your computer should be working perfectly..

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