Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lost Love

This is for all of you who have lost your love..

Dreams Can last a Lifetime: 
And the memories still remain,
you still live in my heart,
and the tears fall like rain.
A love that was so magical,
Beautiful in every way,
slipped through our fingers,
and we regret it still today.
I guess we’ll never know,
Why things couldn’t go our way,
we were just too young,
didn’t realize our love would stay.
It’s strange after so many years,
how I still think of you;
I still see your beautiful smile,
and so many nights I dream of you.
The dreams are beautiful,
At times I wish they would go away,
they seem entirely so real,
and that’s when I wished you would’ve
Now all I have left of you,
Are a few pictures from our past,
And I’ll treasure these memories,
that will forever last.

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