Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well Here is another alternative to Google Adsense.
This many of us know as it is the best alternative to google adsense and pays u a good amount.

The payment is done through check and you can select the minimum payout( which is 5$min )
So if you reach 5$ you can ask for your check or else you can assign a higher payout (>5$)

You can advertise as well as be a publisher by putting the ads onto your website or blog, you can
get ads from thousands of advertisers, including top brands, which in-turn increases the chances of your earning, you can also earn by referring advertisers or publishers..

Well even here you have to play by the rules, if you go against them then your account will be gone, so try not to break the rules ( even for fun )

so if you've heard enough and wanna join then just click below...

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